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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Why Google For Blogging?

Some people ask me why I use this blogging platform (Blogger). Well, first and foremost because it's free and very solid. Blogger is a part of Google, which as we all know is one of the biggest Internet companies in the world. Besides that, there are some really great features in it, it's easy to use, everything is translated to your native language if you so wish, and it integrates with every part of the Google platform, which includes major sites like YouTube and Google+.

As you might have seen in my welcome video, I would like to keep things at the lowest expense possible, preferably free. Blogger makes that possible. You know, I can have as much posts as I want here, even if it goes into many thousands. Google don't care. They just let me post. Wordpress on the other hand (which also is a great blogging platform) limits your data to around 3GB in the free version.

A lot of people use Wordpress as a selfhosted blogging platform, which means that they have purchased webhosting and installed Wordpress there. That gives them great flexibility and most often also unlimited amount of data. But then they have to pay for their hosting, and that's usually around $3-$8 per month. Besides, they also have to purchase their own domain... which is a GOOD thing, don't get me wrong here. Having your own domain will in the first place of course strengthen your personal branding, but in the long run I don't believe it's necessary. You see, it's all about content. It's what you offer to people that counts. "Content is king" has been said many times, and that is very true. If you have a good, solid offer that provides value to others, then you will be found, no matter if you have your own domain(s) or if you have a blog like this with a subdomain to Google. It really doesn't matter. The domain resellers are just very good to make you think that you need your own domain and your own hosting. You can actually make most everything you need online, for business or personal purposes, without paying for it - at all!

I just want to raise a little finger and a warning here. There are companies out there that offer absolutely free webhosting (with some limitations, but pretty generous though). However, they can for obvious reasons - I mean, it's free - not deliver the same kind of quality that the paid services do, or the BIG companies like Google. These free services do have regular (and that is more than once per week, more like 3-5 times per week) downtime which in reality means that your website(s) will not be visible on the web. That is NOT good, because the stream of visitors continue throughout the whole day since this is a global environment. You never know who and how many visitors you miss out on because of the fact that your site is down. This has happened too many times for me to trust and rely my complete online presence to free services that can't guarantee their uptime. So to me, the choice of Google was very easy and I'm happy that I've taken the step to use one of the world's biggest and most secure companies with regards to being present online.

However, a lot of features that are very useful like I wrote above, both with regards to business and private life are available online. There's a section on this blog called "All4FREE" where I will show you all the things that you can get access to without having to pay one single cent. You'll find stuff both for running a business and to pure personal/family use. All without paying anything. But... I won't go into such details right now, and I won't take any discussion at this point whether or not paying for stuff online is worth it or not. That will be in a future post. Here's a video informing you why I pick Google's Free Blogging Platform instead of something else.

Have a great day!


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