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Friday, October 4, 2013

A FREE Website - Is It A Good Idea?

We all want something for free, right? Free stuff is always great, or is it...??

Todays post is about having a free website and what the benefits are, as well as the downside of it.

Besides the obvious advantage of not having to pay for something, there are a few very important things you need to be aware of. This is also mentioned more than one place here on my blog because it is really important. So please pay attention...

By far THE most important thing regarding your website/blog is that it's accessible (online) for the public to view. In this modern hi-tech world things can of course go wrong every now and then, and wow... are we vulnerable...?? But we need to make sure that we have done everything we can to have our website online. And this is where I must raise a small finger of warning.

If you're using - or intend to use - free hosting, please make sure that you pick a stable and solid provider. In my personal opinion the best choice is Google, at least if we're talking about blogging. Their blog platform "BLOGGER" is very solid and the uptime (accessibility) is 100%. You'll never have to worry about your blog being online and easy accessible for your visitors.

When it comes to other webpages which are not blogs, I strongly recommend WEEBLY since that's another very solid and highly renowned webhost, and they also have a free plan besides their paid options. Get your own free website at

You'll also be able to find hosting providers that offer you the same kind of features as paid hosting, like cPanel, subdomains, databases, e-mail accounts etc. However, every single one of those that I've tried (and I've tried many) has proven not to be stable. That is of course not acceptable. In short, if you search for free webhosting, avoid those that offer you the same features as paid hosting. There's a reason that they are free.

Free webhosting can be really good - IF you choose the ones I mention above. Google for blogging and Weebly for webpages.

The only downside I can see by having a free webhost (and therefore also a subdomain, just like or is the fact that it might have some minor negative influence on your personal branding. I mean, would probably have been better, right? But on the other hand, providing good and useful information that is of a real value for your reader, easily win over the "pure" domain name. It's all about the content and the value you can deliver to your readers.

Have a great day!


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