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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Building a list - The first step

In order to make any money at all online, you need to build a list of prospects (people) that are interested in what you have to offer. There's no need to try to create something or sell something if you don't have any people to sell to, right? So this is where we get into the first and actually THE most important fact of any online business, and that is Building A List.

Take a minute to watch my video here which will introduce you to what you're going to read about here...

Before the autoresponder existed, it was quite some work to maintain contact with your customers, potential customers, teammates etc. Yes, there were some mailing groups and similar, but they easily ended up being very messy since everyone could send messages and reply to messages in every possible direction. But the autoresponder changed all that.

First of all, it made it possible to deliver messages from only one sender, which of course effectively put an end to messages arriving from every single member of a group. Don't get me wrong here, groups is a great thing and we see them a lot still as of today. Just take a look at any forum out there, or Facebook groups and more. It's a great place for discussion and exchanging ideas. But for promotion (and I mean qualified and serious promotion), it needs to be some kind of structure and that's what an autoresponder can provide.

A lot of people love the autoresponder because of its feature with sending out automatic messages and followup letters without having to conduct that operation manually. Personally I think that the absolute most important thing with an autoresponder is that nobody can receive any information/messages/campaigns without having to ask for it first. This is done by submitting an e-mail address (and most often also name) through a form on a website. It's also possible by several autoresponder services to do this by sending a blank e-mail to a certain address. But the main thing here is that a person must request information in order to be added to someone's mailing list.

This is very good because it will sort out people who have a genuine interest in a particular offer in a much better way. And you know, it gets even better... All autoresponder services out there offer the so called "Double Opt-In" which means that the person who submits a form with his/her e-mail address and name, will have to confirm their request by clicking a certain link in an e-mail that's being sent to the submitted e-mail address within seconds from clicking the submit button. This is truly great because it verifies that the person really has an interest in the offer and it sorts out those who really don't have an interest, thus saving you time and energy.

A feature called "Single Opt-In" is also available in many autoresponder services. This feature makes it possible to be added to someone's mailing list without having to confirm the request. This leads to much more submissions, but usually less qualified and interested prospects. It can also lead to the fact that some person's e-mail address is being submitted without that person actually has done it him/herself. Personally I do NOT recommend this option. Stay with "Double Opt-In" and you will always be on the safe side with regards to spam complaints, and your leads will have a better quality since they are more interested and have taken the time to confirm their request.

Sending a complete broadcast e-mail to your list is also possible with an autoresponder. This enables you to stay in close contact with your list and provide them good and useful information. Don't send your business opportunities too often. That is a major turn-off for your subscribers and they will most likely unsubscribe from your list and you'll lose them forever.

A ratio of 1:5 is usually pretty good. Meaning that for every five broadcasts to your list you can sell (pitch) them with one offer. This means that you should strive to provide as much value as possible for your subscribers in your broadcasts instead of trying to sell them on a product or biz-opp.

It all comes down to using your common sense. Treat your subscribers just as you want to be treated yourself when you're on someone's mailing list, and make sure that you provide them with value and useful information, and they are more likely to stick around and stay as a loyal subscriber.

Now go ahead and click HERE or click the link "All 4 FREE" at the top to see an overview of all the FREE resources that I'm sharing with you. The list will keep on growing as I find new and useful resources for you.

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