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Dear Reader,

My name is Ulf Astrom and I'm a fulltime Internet and Network Marketer. I live in Sweden, you know the country far north in Scandinavia, together with my lovely wife Rowena and our son. We also have a daughter who has moved out of home.

Here's a picture of Rowena and myself from our Wedding Day on oct. 10th. 2010.

Rowena & Ulf - Wedding Day - 10/10/10

Conducting business online and working with Internet Network Marketing is a big passion of mine. There are so many ways you can earn extra income online or build yourself a truly lifechanging income. Not to forget how many people you can help to do the same. There's no doubt that the statement "The Sky Is The Limit" is very true.

However, this fact also brings a lot of suspect people to the marketplace. People who only have one purpose, and that is to rob you for your hard earned money through different illegal money schemes and false promises.

It's therefore with great pride I welcome you to this blog where I will introduce you to some very solid, reliable and well paying income opportunities online. I will show you the handfull of great income programs that I'm a part of myself, and they include MLM/Network Marketing programs, FREE-To-Join programs and even programs where you can earn a great income even without any recruiting (which is a major hurdle for a lot of people).

When you take me up on any of my income offers we will become True Partners. I will get in touch with you either over the Internet (preferably Skype) or on the phone. The reason I do that is that I want to make sure that we establish a good and solid business relationship already from the start. It's imperative that we focus on our goals and that we stick around with the income opportunities that we work with.

Far too many people change direction much too often and goes after the new "Big Thing". This is without any doubt THE BIGGEST REASON THEY FAIL! It's the worst mistake you ever can do when building any business - online OR offline.

So expect me to be in close contact with you, and I expect you to stick around with what you start out with. Otherwise we won't have much in common, and you will most certainly continue to struggle and most certainly fail with whatever you try.

Tough words, yes I know. But it doesn't change the fact that this is how things work when building a business, and especially online. I have been in this arena for several years and I know exactly how people fail, and why... because I've been there myself!

So if you're ready to get onboard with some solid, proven, reliable and well paying income opportunities within the Internet Network Marketing area, make sure you subscribe to this blog and sign up for my mailing list from the form on the right. I will send you regular updates about online business and for sure I will get in touch with you to get started with helping you build your business.

But hey... I'm not done yet. It's not all about business, my life certainly has a lot of other stuff going on. Take a look under "Personal" and you'll find out a lot more about me, my family, hobbies and other things going on in my life. I'm here to run a business yes, but certainly also to make a lot of new cool friends from around the world. So, come on and hook up with me. Follow me, subscribe, get on my Newsletter list, comment, share and engage. I'd love to hear from you! :)

I'm looking forward to speak with you soon, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

Best Regards

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